Support for PDFs, Enhanced User Interfaces and More!

The Trestles Labor Management System interface is now better than ever! We've just released new enhancements to the application to simplify how our users interact with the system. Read on to learn how these new enhancements improve the user experience. 

What's New

Simplified Short Interval Schedule Simulator

No more scrolling! Ok, well maybe just a little... One of the most notable functions of Trestles Labor Management System, the Short Interval Schedule Simulator has a new and improved design. Now, users can easily work within the simulator and see the potential cost and productivity impacts of their plans from within one view! We've eliminated the need to scroll to see some of the key metrics that can help to ensure your plans are within budget. 


New Support for PDFs 

Previously, TLMS supported image files. We've upgraded capabilities with this new release so our customers can now attach PDFs such as their bill of materials, drawings and other key documentation that will help frontline supervisors work more efficiently and effectively! 

Odds and Ends

In addition to these enhancements, customers will also realize improvements in filtering capabilities, ease of access to pertinent information, new configurability options and more. 

We’re always exploring new and innovative opportunities to enhance our system. Follow our blog to keep up with the latest product updates and to see how Trestles can help improve your company’s performance.


Trestles Labor Management System