RELEASED TODAY - Trestles Labor Management System (TLMS®) optimizes your construction resources and much more

Bakersfield, CA - July 9th, 2018: We are excited to announce the long-anticipated release of Trestles Labor Management System (TLMS®) — a comprehensive, scalable application designed to improve construction safety, quality, productivity, and schedule reliability. This application is the result of our many years of experience in the construction and construction technology industries and distills the principles of lean methodology into an easy-to-use web and mobile based system.

A Mobile Field Application Designed For The Construction Frontline Supervisor

Tired of inefficient paper-based systems? It's time to get your frontline supervisors the information they need before the work starts. Many construction software applications are not designed to meet the needs of the frontline supervisor. However, Trestles TLMS® was designed with your lead crew members in mind. Productivity is not improved only by looking in the rear-view mirror with historical data. Proper planning and scheduling along with real-time root-cause analysis is required. Easy to learn and use, TLMS® addresses short interval planning and scheduling, constraint removal and field performance reporting to provide your crews with the information they really need to safely and reliably execute the work. 


  • Work Breakdown Structure Composer
  • Work Packaging
  • Short Interval Schedule Performance Simulator
  • Constraint Removal Process
  • Electronic Job Safety Analysis
  • Electronic Time Card
  • Dynamic User Interface
  • Daily Crew Productivity & Cost Reporting 
  • Reliability Measures
  • Crew Performance Ranking System



  • Incorporate safety into the planning process
  • Break down the work into manageable tasks
  • Align crew short interval schedule to master schedule
  • Ensure crews have everything they need prior to executing the work
  • Root cause analysis of schedule slippage
  • Internal competition, lessons learned
  • Transparent, useful historical data
  • Improved Safety, Quality, Productivity & Schedule Reliability


TLMS® has all the features a frontline supervisor needs to lead a construction project to success. We want to give you the opportunity to experience how big of a difference TLMS® can make in your productivity with no risk to you. 


Revolutionize the way the field interacts with technology with TLMS® software - Best Practices, Simplified..


Try TLMS® for FREE today or Request a Demo to experience the significant impact TLMS® can make on your organization.  

About Trestles Construction Solutions, LLC.

Trestles Construction Solutions, LLC is composed of a group of construction and construction technology experts that are committed to enabling the improvement of construction crew safety, quality, productivity and schedule reliability performance. Our Lean, Work Packaging and related construction software development knowledge is both broad and deep, founded by hands-on field experience. Trestles offers a mobile field construction software application, Trestles Labor Management System (TLMS®), and construction Frontline Supervisor Development Training. With the shortages and ever-increasing demands placed on construction frontline supervisors, Trestles believes providing planning & scheduling education, leadership development, effective processes, and tools to manage the work should be the primary objective of any self-performing construction firm.