Procore Drawing/Document Integration, Templates for Job  Safety, and More!

We've got some treats for you just in time for the holidays! From new Procore integrations to safety-related enhancements, increased opportunities for accountability, improved accessibility, and then some, treat yourself (and your project and field teams) to these exciting new features that enable efficiency, productivity, and safety improvements! 

Link Procore-Hosted Drawings and Documents to your Crew's Weekly Schedules 

Preparing information for construction crews that helps to complete the work more efficiently and effectively along with the communication of such information between the office and the field can be quite a challenge. 

With our latest update to Trestles Labor Management System (TLMS®), we've made it easier for project teams to compile and communicate key scope requirements, drawings, and documents associated with the scheduled work crews perform. Our enhanced Procore integration enables project teams to quickly and easily access Procore's drawing and document repository so this critical information can be seamlessly compiled along with constraints, schedule goals, safety requirements, and more. Try Trestles labor management solution today to see how simple it is to plan work for field crews, align key documents/drawings from Procore to your weekly schedules, and communicate between the field and office.  

Procore-Trestles Integration

Standardize your JSA/JHA with our New Safety Template

In today's environment, health and safety requirements are becoming more and more complex. Likely, you've had to incorporate additional plans and procedures to combat the new challenges presented by COVID-19. But, do you have method for standardizing your hazards and mitigation measures and communicating this critical information with those performing the work?

Trestles has always offered a database of standard hazards and mitigation measures, and we've always promoted a process of building these requirements into the weekly plans/schedules for the field. However, there wasn't an easy way to assign the safety requirements to tasks that are typically performed within a specific discipline and there wasn't an optimized means to review this information when schedules shift. 

With the latest update, TLMS® offers a new template which enables safety teams to quickly populate a standard JSA/JHA and transfer the safety requirements to the crews performing the work. The process has been optimized to eliminate the manual creation of the JSA's, enabling the (standard) requirements to be compiled within seconds! Now, crews can easily indicate the hazards and mitigation measures that were reviewed each day, collect signatures, and report back to management where the documents are made available for audit, export to PDF, or just simply for review. Expedite and standardize your safety communication and reporting process with our new and improved solution! 

Trestles Labor Management System JSA

Increase Accountability with our Improved Close-Out Review Process 

Have you ever received reports from field leaders that their scope of work is complete, to later find out that's simply not the case? We've built accountability into our solution in a number of places, but one area where this has been lacking is within the close-out process. TLMS® now incorporates an improved close-out review process which requires project managers/planners to validate that the scope has been completed within the system. The application is tracking additional reporting components pertaining to schedule performance and enforces a review process before each scope and schedule can be "closed". This creates an additional level of accountability and promotes a timely review of the work performed. 

Curious about how this works? Contact us! 

Odds and Ends

In addition to these enhancements, users will notice improved unification in user experience throughout the application, optimized navigation, and more!

We’re always exploring new and innovative opportunities to enhance our system. Follow our blog to keep up with the latest product updates and to see how Trestles can help improve your company’s performance.

Trestles Labor Management System