Prioritizing National Infrastructure

The 6th annual National Infrastructure Week kicked off on May 14th with events all over the country. The event is organized by a non-profit organization in order to highlight the importance that infrastructure has on people’s lives everywhere. Events are being held in cities across America with separate East and West Coast inaugural events.

Among the speakers at various workshops and seminars is Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, who acts as the headliner. She is expected to promote President Trump’s 10-year, $1.5 trillion infrastructure proposal that would rely heavily on the private sector. Since it has yet to be taken up by Congress, the Secretary is looking to build a groundswell of support.

As infrastructure in the United States continues to degrade, Infrastructure Week pushes to make repairing and rebuilding the country’s system a national priority. The hashtag #TimeToBuild allows attendees or those following the event to be kept up to speed on the seminars and workshops taking place.

“Infrastructure Week 2018 will bring leaders and communities together, offer opportunities to see some fascinating infrastructure assets that aren’t always accessible to the public, and amplify the very real importance of infrastructure investment to the businesses, workers, and families who depend on it every day,” said Zach Schafer, the event’s executive director. “Our message this year is that we can’t wait any longer. Now it’s time to build.”

To find events in your area, take a look at the full lineup here: