Dr. Ted Blackmon Joins Trestles Construction Solutions LLC as Advisory Board Member


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Bakersfield, CA: Trestles Construction Solutions, LLC announced today the appointment of Dr. Ted Blackmon as an Advisory Board Member. Ted has joined Trestles to provide key input to the product development and market growth of Trestles in filling a critical gap in the current product space for Advanced Work Packaging technologies. He joins the team in advance of the highly anticipated launch of Trestles Labor Management System (TLMS®), the soon to be released construction software app.

About joining Trestles, Dr. Blackmon stated, 

"I am convinced Trestles will fill a critical gap in the existing technology product space for Advanced Work Packaging and improved planning and scheduling in general. Trestles Labor Management System (TLMS®) will revolutionize the way the field interacts with technology, notably by empowerment of the teams directly responsible for execution of the work."

Dr. Blackmon went on to say, "I am thrilled to join a dynamic team with a track record of successful field software development and with extensive hands-on experience in addressing the challenges facing Front-Line Supervisors in the construction industry."

Dr. Ted Blackmon is Founder and CEO of Construct-X, Co-Founder of O3 Solution and Advisory Board Member with Trestles Construction Solutions. As a visionary and serial entrepreneur, Ted helped to pioneer the market for Advanced Work Packaging, Workface Planning and X-D BIM in the early 2000 timeframe with the invention of the ConstructSim and OpSim platforms. Dr. Blackmon's early career achievements began as a member of the highly successful Mars Pathfinder Mission in 1997, where he developed and operated the MarsMap software program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, planning and monitoring the daily activities for the Sojourner rover (the first robotic vehicle to reach the surface of another planet). Ted went on to leverage MarsMAp as a pioneering technology commercialization endeavor at NASA, with aim to address difficult resource challenges here on Earth. The early career accomplishments of Dr. Blackmon were recognized through a Penn State Alumni Achievement Award recipient in 2005, and a FIATECH Outstanding Career Research Award in 2013. Dr. Blackmon received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University and graduated at the top of his class, appointed as Student Marshall in 1992. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley in 1998, where his research focused on tele-robotics, augmented reality and neurological control of human movement and vision. Through his current work with high impact start-up companies and industry organizations, Dr. Blackmon continues to lead the way in transforming the capital projects industry towards fully digital project execution, delivering a step change to clients in productivity and performance improvement. 


See how TLMS® can impact the capital projects industry by improving short interval planning, scheduling and reporting processes. 


About Trestles Construction Solutions, LLC.

Trestles Construction Solutions, LLC is composed of a group of construction and construction technology experts that are committed to enabling the improvement of construction crew safety, quality, productivity and schedule reliability performance. Our Lean, Work Packaging and related construction software development knowledge is both broad and deep, founded by “real life” experience. Trestles offers a mobile field construction software application, Trestles Labor Management System (TLMS®), and construction Frontline Supervisor Development. With the shortages and ever-increasing demands placed on construction frontline supervisors, Trestles believes providing them planning & scheduling education, leadership development, effective processes and tools to manage the work should be the primary objective of any self-performing construction firm.