Customer Spotlight: JTS Modular, Inc.

In January 2018, a dedicated relationship formed between JTS Modular (JTS) and Trestles Construction Solutions (Trestles) through a frontline supervisor training program that was sponsored by the Associated Builders and Contractors Central California Chapter. JTS, a member of the chapter, was seeking opportunities to improve the skills of their workforce specifically related to planning and scheduling, labor management and productivity, continuous improvement, and effective leadership. Key operations team members evaluated Trestles program and determined that it was a good fit for their organization. Two years later, the partners are committed to their lasting relationship and the continued success of their efforts.

About JTS Modular 

JTS Modular is a construction company based in Bakersfield, CA that was born out of a frustration with the modular industry and an opportunity to provide better educational facilities for the youth of the Central Valley.

The company, which is family-owned, improves the communities they serve by providing high-end, permanent structures for schools, classrooms, and municipalities. Their greatest reward is knowing that they are changing the future of education for the youth of California through innovative and environment-friendly movable structures, faster and at a substantially more economically sound cost than site-built construction.


JTS Modular Project

Collaboration with Trestles

Since the initial training session, JTS Modular has taken the initiative to educate approximately 50 project, operations, and field leaders through the Trestles Frontline Supervisor Training program. The company acknowledges the importance of training and continues to invest in upskilling their workforce.

However, the relationship between JTS Modular and Trestles goes far beyond developmental training. Being an innovative company, JTS acted as an early adopter and was the first company to get involved in a beta testing program for Trestles Labor Management System (TLMS®). In time, they became a dedicated customer and have been instrumental in providing feedback to continuously improve Trestles product offering.

"TLMS provides a unique, simple way to plan, execute and track our work, taking into account the reality and context of the current situation in the field. TLMS is clearly designed by an ex-contractor and JTS has realized significant reductions in safety incidents, substantial productivity gains and our work completion is much more predictable as a result of TLMS implementation. JTS is committed to continuously improving all aspects of our operations to better serve our customers and our relationship with Trestles is a key part of that strategy." - Phillip Engler, President, JTS Modular

In addition to optimizing Trestles Frontline Training and its labor management system, JTS engaged with Trestles Construction Management consultants for safety, master scheduling, purchasing, materials management and employee evaluation/coaching process improvements.

Continued Success 

As strategic partners, JTS Modular and Trestles Construction Solution are on a mission to make a positive step-change in the industry as it relates to advances in construction safety, quality, productivity, and schedule reliability performance. Together, the companies will continue to help one another improve, creating a safer, more productive work environment for all.