Constraint Checklist Template, Optimized Client Feedback Collection, and More!

Trestles Labor Management System (TLMS®) received a facelift this past weekend. Trestles development team has been hard at work on improvements related to user experience/user interface design, a significant overhaul to the system's architecture, performance improvements (application speed), and more! 

This update helps our customers complete their work faster and more efficiently, while also providing new features that will expedite setup and the collection of feedback on performance. 

So, what's new? Here's the overview:  

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Optimized Constraints Checklist Setup

Previously, TLMS required project managers/project planners to create a new constraints checklist (from scratch) for each new work package built within the application. However, this checklist generally contains several action items that apply to all work packages. With our latest release, we're providing a Constraints Template which simplifies this setup process and eliminates the duplication of effort. This enables project managers/planners to quickly setup their constraints checklist with minimal effort and will ensure that standard constraints are not forgotten. 

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Improved Access to Client Feedback Survey

Feedback is critical to process improvement. TLMS provides a means to collect feedback on crew performance from clients or internally from crew leader superiors. The application previously required this feedback to be collected on the job site while face-to-face with the surveyor. This process was limiting initially, but even more so as a result of social distancing and device sanitation requirements. Now, this feedback can be collected from anywhere and no longer requires personal interaction between the surveyor and the crew leader. This improvement optimizes the means of collecting this critical feedback, ensures the feedback can be collected consistently, and promotes compliance with new COVID-19 restrictions.

User Access for Safety Managers

A key function in TLMS is the safety planning process which improves transparency within the project team. The application has always provided a database for hazards and mitigation measures, however, access to this database was somewhat restrictive. Now, TLMS offers a new user role specific to Safety Managers, enabling them to easily build and modify the database, and to assist with the setup of the daily JSA's. 

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Odds and Ends

In addition to these enhancements, users will notice improved unification in user experience throughout the application, increased loading speed, and more!

We’re always exploring new and innovative opportunities to enhance our system. Follow our blog to keep up with the latest product updates and to see how Trestles can help improve your company’s performance.

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