5 Places Where Construction is Booming

Construction is booming around the country, in cities big and small. While the problems associated with attracting labor are still a factor, it is not stopping some cities from enacting plans to expand, rehabilitate, or remake their cities. Here are a few of the places that are benefiting most from the the recent construction boom:

1. Oklahoma City, OK 


Oklahoma City, or OKC, the capital of Oklahoma, has experienced consistent growth since its founding in 1889. It has accelerated recently because the city continues to build on the success of its Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS) revitalization plan which has public projects ongoing until 2021. Oklahoma is also home to energy companies which have invested in new construction around the city.

2. Reno, NV


Reno is a city that is experiencing an increasing population, an impending housing shortage, and the building of large scale projects on the horizon. “The “Biggest Little City” may become a little bigger because of the growth in construction projects and jobs. In addition to housing Tesla’s Gigafactory, it has received a lot of investment from the tech industry, making it a more diverse economy than the casinos and resorts it had once been known for.


3.  Houston, TX


Houston is the most populous city in the southern United States, and is one of the biggest cities in the world for the energy sector. While Houston has been making its recovery from Hurricane Harvey for the last year, it is clear that the construction sector in the city is vibrant and includes some of its most popular projects: https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/construction-development/houston-2018-pipeline-working-title-83165.

4. Detroit, MI


Detroit is a city in flux and has a lot of optimism bubbling around it. Its downtown is being revitalized and there are several new projects that promise to bring a lot of construction work to and around the city. One major project is a bridge across the Detroit River leading to the city of Windsor in Canada.

5. Indianapolis, IN


Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana, is nestled between four interstates and is an important hub for activity in the region. It is also in the midst of a construction boom, with its downtown area rehabbing old buildings. The city’s healthcare sector is growing and along with it an increase in new construction at a rapid pace.


These five cities are showing us how to respond to a changing economy by focusing investment in areas to rehabilitate their downtowns, developing and attracting new sectors to their cities, and reinvesting in traditional areas. While cities grow and continue to expand, construction provides the space to meet and exceed these goals.


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